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Hi fellow green lovers!

I was here awhile ago, and decided to return!

1) Do you love green? Of course!

2) Do you wear green obsessively? Yes! I have to make sure all of my green clothes are clean so that I can throw something green on with every outfit!

3) Is your house or decor green? Green and cream with rust accents!

4) Have you ever been teased about liking green so much? Ie. get called 'martian' or 'leprechaun'? People don't tease me. A girl did ask me if I was waiting for St. Patricks's day recently because of my hair- I just deadpanned and played dumb until she dropped it. Hah!

5) Did you consider it a compliment? I have a friend who tries to tease me calling me "spinach head" and things like that, but I laugh and say "thanks!"

6) Have you ever dyed your hair green or worn a green wig? It's green now!

8) Have you ever tried to wear green lipstick or eyeshadow even though other colours might have suited you better? I love green sparkle eye shadow!

7) Have you ever refused to buy something because it didn't come in green? I have. I also now own a Holga (camera) in green! It's the love of my life!

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