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the Green Obsession's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
the Green Obsession

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Wake Up, Green Lovers! [16 Mar 2010|01:44pm]

[ mood | drunk on green ]

Our favorite holiday is nearly upon us! So, what are you going to do for St. Pat's?

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Check out my fabulous new default icon. [14 Aug 2009|03:52pm]

[ mood | green ]

It's from a piece of collage art by Jenn Gordon, which I now own. Here's a bigger image:

I love her work.

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Chartreuse Overload [16 Jul 2009|10:26pm]

[ mood | peaceful ]

I grow way too many daylilies. 
'Key Lime' is one of my favourites.
Key Lime daylily

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VIntage Sparklies! [06 Apr 2009|04:00pm]

My shop, The Antique Cellar on Etsy, has been getting tons of press! We've just posted a bunch of new things gleaned from our secret sources, pay us a visit!

>Emerald Art Glass Pitcher</a>
Wonderful Things of All Sorts from Gothic to Steampunk to the Perfect Bridal Jewelry!
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St Patrick and Valentine's Day merchandise- Cheerful Madness!! online shop [09 Feb 2009|10:47pm]

Cute cartoon animals and characters on a variety of products.

Cheerful Madness!! online shop

Cheerful Madness!! online shop UK

All products are brand-new and customizable. Discounts apply.

St Patrick's Day

Click to see more!!Collapse )
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Please Take a Peek at my Store- Great Green Things! [28 Nov 2008|12:52pm]

Please check out my Etsy store- The Antique Cellar. I specialize in antique and vintage jewelry.

Right now we have everything from Gothic, Steampunk, Victorian, Art Deco, & Modernist available.

Nov 28-Dec 1st we're offering FREE SHIPPING on all jewelry to the US and Canada.

green vintage earrings
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Hi fellow green lovers! [23 Sep 2008|10:49pm]

[ mood | excited ]

I was here awhile ago, and decided to return!

1) Do you love green? Of course!

2) Do you wear green obsessively? Yes! I have to make sure all of my green clothes are clean so that I can throw something green on with every outfit!

3) Is your house or decor green? Green and cream with rust accents!

4) Have you ever been teased about liking green so much? Ie. get called 'martian' or 'leprechaun'? People don't tease me. A girl did ask me if I was waiting for St. Patricks's day recently because of my hair- I just deadpanned and played dumb until she dropped it. Hah!

5) Did you consider it a compliment? I have a friend who tries to tease me calling me "spinach head" and things like that, but I laugh and say "thanks!"

6) Have you ever dyed your hair green or worn a green wig? It's green now!

8) Have you ever tried to wear green lipstick or eyeshadow even though other colours might have suited you better? I love green sparkle eye shadow!

7) Have you ever refused to buy something because it didn't come in green? I have. I also now own a Holga (camera) in green! It's the love of my life!

lots of green pics under the cutCollapse )

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Green auctions ending Sunday! [24 Apr 2008|01:49pm]

[ mood | productive ]

Hi all,

I have some wonderful green stuff up for on Gothauctions.com. Pretty dresses, striped tights, captive bead rings, a green bra and green nightgowns, plus some great black corset tops that would look awesome paired with green skirts! Click here.

Picture this wayCollapse )

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Lizards is greeeennn.... [27 Mar 2008|01:48am]
[ mood | awake ]

Last week, I brought home two more Anoles.
So, for those who haven't yet met them...

*Uber image-heavy. Not dial-suck friendly, kiddies.

14Collapse )
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Hey, Everyone! [17 Mar 2008|09:29am]

[ mood | green ]

It's the holiday that was made with us in mind!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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for us green obsessed! [10 Mar 2008|09:21pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

Let me introduce:
Carl  Larsson,
he was  a Swedish painter and interior designer. 

Carl and Karin Larsson had eight children and his family became Larsson's favourite models. Many of his watercolours are now popular all over the world. In 1888 the young family was given a small house, named Little Hyttnäs, in Sundborn by Karin's father Adolf Bergöö. Carl and Karin decorated and furnished this house according to their particular artistic taste and also for the needs of the growing family. Through Larsson's paintings and books this house has become one of the most famous artist's homes in the world. The descendants of Carl and Karin Larsson now own this house and keep it open for tourists each summer from May until October.

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Green Bases [29 Feb 2008|02:49pm]

[ mood | green ]

A batch of green bases have just been posted over at basicbases.


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St Patrick’s Day greeting cards - Cheerful Madness!! online shop [08 Feb 2008|10:43am]

Cute little pigs, musicians on St Patrick's Day and the shameless leprechaun All items are brand new and customizable.

Read more...Collapse )
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hair color [30 Jul 2007|07:06pm]


I want to dye my hair a light/mint green
like the background color of this post
like the actual color of mint an chip ice cream
does anyone know where i can get that shade of hair dye?
ive spent hours looking online

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[26 Jul 2007|05:27am]

i'm trying to clean out my jewelry box, and i'm coming to you with this pretty little emerald necklace i thought someone might be interested in! it's in 14k gold with a 14k chain.

a pretty brass enamel and gemstone pendant, too

would you like to make an offer for either? i'll take the best one i get if anyone is interested. thanks! :)
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Hi! [20 Jun 2007|07:06pm]

Hi, I'm Nowah. I'm new here. I think this comic explains why I've joined this community. I hope you like it! And me!

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Green for goths [01 Jun 2007|09:46pm]

[ mood | discontent ]

I like gothic clothing a lot, but I've noticed that a lot of gothic clothing manufacturers/designers/businesses seem to rely on the "gothic uniform" colours of black, red and purple. I guess I like black, but really only because it goes so well with green, so unless something is an incredibly good price, I will pass on black clothing altogether.

So I say "GRR!" to the gothic uniform, green can be gothic too!

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[15 May 2007|02:04pm]
i heart my anolesCollapse )
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I recently bought these fabulous green shoes on Ebay. [08 May 2007|01:06pm]

[ mood | green ]

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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lizard love [01 May 2007|03:42pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Meet Sobe FuerteCollapse )

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