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the Green Obsession
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1) Do you love green?

2) Do you wear green obsessively?

3) Is your house or decor green?

4) Have you ever been teased about liking green so much? Ie. get called 'martian' or 'leprechaun'?

5) Did you consider it a compliment?

6) Have you ever dyed your hair green or worn a green wig?

8) Have you ever tried to wear green lipstick or eyeshadow even though other colours might have suited you better?

7) Have you ever refused to buy something because it didn't come in green?

Then this community might be for you.

A note about auctions/sale posts:
Adds are welcome within reason, with the stipulation that you have to be offering green items for sale as part of your listings. Let's face it, we wouldn't be here if we were interested in everything but green.

Other than that, post and have fun. :)

Your moderator,


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